Best Bluetooth Headphones for Truckers

Let’s be honest…being a trucker isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Not only are truck drivers lonely most of the time, but truckers also have to remain constantly in contact with suppliers whose cargo they are supposed to deliver. Which is why they deserve the best headphones for truckers.

Without taking your hands off the wheel, these headphones would keep you not only connected but would also entertain you.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Truckers – Comparison Table

Mpow Pro TruckerMK808
Image of Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset
VXi BlueParrott
Image of VXi BlueParrott 204123 Headset
1MORE Triple Driver
Image of 1MORE Triple Driver Headset
Playing Time12 Hours16 Hours7 Hours
Range (ft)306630
Noise CancellationYESYESYES
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Mpow Pro Trucker – Best Headset for Noise Reduction

Image of Mpow Pro Trucker Headset

As far as headphones go, the Mpow Pro Trucker isn’t the most stylish by any means. That said, its simplicity hasn’t deprived this headphone of its sturdiness.


Starting with the best this model has to offer, and its 4x noise cancellation technology comes into play. What this technology does is record outside noise, generate an exact opposite and cancel out the outside sound. That means you won’t hear anything from the outside.

Making sure that you remain comfortable while wearing the Pro Trucker are its padded ear pad and a flexible headband. It also has a multi-functional button located on the right earcup pressing which you can switch, pause and play music.

Cognizant of the fact that you’d be wearing these headphones on the road, Mpow has provided them with a 12 hours playtime. They also have a 200 hours standby time and requires only 2 hours to get fully charged.

In terms of range, these headphones could connect with any Bluetooth device at a range of 30 feet. Also, they can connect with only one device at a time.

Special Feature: Warranty

Despite its meager price tag, the Pro Trucker has full faith in its features. Hence the reason why you get a 45-day money back guarantee and 18-months warranty on this product.


  •      4x Noise Cancellation
  •      12hours playtime
  •      Adjustable mic
  •      18-months warranty

•The headband isn’t padded

User Critique

The fact that the headband isn’t padded means these headphones might not remain comfortable during extended listening sessions.

VXi BlueParrott – Best Headset for Audio Quality

Image of BlueParrot Headset

Granted, these headphones don’t come from as famous a brand as some other models in this review. Still, what they lack for in fame, these headphones more than make up for it with their sound quality.


Just like the Mpow Pro Trucker reviewed above, the VXI BlueParrott come with a noise-canceling mic. Also, in addition to blocking out engine noise, this omnidirectional mic is also adjustable. So you can make maneuver it to your liking.

If you look closer, you might notice that its ear cushion is slightly cupped, so as to give you a better fit. While the headband isn’t padded, it is adjustable just like the mic. That means you can make sure it stays in place.

More importantly, in the context of truckers, the BlueParrott has both the AC and DC (Auto) charging cords, so you won’t have to have a special outlet to get this model up and running. You also get all the Volume, Mute, Call Answer, and Call End buttons on the headset.

In case you are wondering, one feature which justifies the otherwise lofty price tag of this model is its range. For, by connecting to devices up to 66 feet away, it offers double the range of most other Bluetooth headphones.

Special Feature: Battery Timing

Think its range is the only special feature this model has to offer? Think again, for it boasts a mammoth talk time of 16 hours on a single charge.

  •    16 hours of talk time
  •    66 feet Bluetooth range
  •    Auto (DC) and AC charging cords
  •    Noise-cancellation

• Pricey

User Critique

If there is one concern its users have about this headphone, it has to do with its price. As this model is anything but cheap.

1MORE Triple Driver – Best Cheapest Headphones

Image of 1More headset bluetooth for truckers

Loved the features of the BlueParrott but put off by its price tag? Then you should consider the 1More Triple Driver headphones.


Know what is triply better than a single driver headphone? Yes, a triple-driver headphone. Increase in the number of drivers allows them to boast an extended frequency range, resulting in an accurate listening experience with a huge soundstage.

Complementing the three drivers of these headphones is their metal composite diaphragm – the unit which is responsible for converting electric signals into sound waves. Since it is aerospace-grade, you could expect a deep bass, clear mids and sizzling highs.

Moving on, in contrast to some models in this review, the 1More uses Bluetooth v4.2 – which means a better transmission speed and 50feet+ range of signals.

Furthermore, going for the relatively new Environmental Noise Cancellation has provided the 1More with noticeable benefits. Regardless of the intensity of outside noise, this technology tones it down to 15dB, which means you can talk even in loud environments.

Special Feature: Fast Charging

For those of you who always forget charging their devices in time, the Fast Charging is a godsend. On just 10 minutes of charge, it provides 3 hours of talk time.

  •  Fast Charging
  •  Environmental Noise Cancellation
  •  Three Drivers for extended frequency

• Only 7 hours of talk time

User Critique

While fast charging is no doubt a special feature of these headphones, the fact that they provide only 7 hours of talk time on a full charge leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Mpow V4.1 Bluetooth Headset

Image of Mpow Bluetooth headset

Measuring a meager 0.11lbs, the Mpow V4.1 is one of the most lightweight headphones in this review. That, however, isn’t the reason why you should consider buying this model.


First things first, provided you buy this device, you can forget charging (at least for a day). On a single charge, it provides 13 hours of talking time and 160 hours of standby time. What’s more, it requires only 2 hours to get fully charged.

In addition to providing a lot of buttons on the headset – which is never a bad feature – Mpow has also paid attention to their utility. For instance, to call the last number on your mobile phone, all you have to do is to double-tap the button.

Following the tradition of all Mpow devices, the V4.1 comes with breathable protein earmuffs. Not only would they save you from sweaty ears – hence the term “breathable” – but the earmuffs also make extended listening sessions comfortable.

And guess what, not only do you get a 45-day money back guarantee on this model, an 18-month warranty is also on offer.

Special Feature: Multi-point Connection

That’s right; the multi-point connection means that the same headphone can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

  • Fast Charging
  • Multi-point connection

• No app

User Critique

At a time when most headphones have an accompanying app, Mpow still relies on the age-old method of buttons.

B350-XT 203475

Image of Blueparrot b350

Since we weren’t happy that the Mpow V4.1 doesn’t come with an app, it seems fitting to note that the next model on our review has a highly user-intuitive application.


Setting these headphones apart from its colleagues is its programmable button. That’s right, just open the app, and assign any function you might want to the button. In that way, you could assign any of your most-used functions to the button.

At the cost of sounding hyperbolic, it could be said that these headphones have a market-high battery timing. After all, none of the other headphones could come close to the 24 hours talk time offered by the B350, which allow you to go days without recharging the device.

In terms of sound quality, the frequency range of 10Hz to 100 KHz isn’t earth-shattering. What is impressive, however, is the 96% noise-cancellation offered by this model.

Another notable feature of these headphones is their multi-point connection, with an added feature. While other multi-point headphones could only connect with two smartphones, you can use the B350 with a phone and PC at the same time.

Special Feature: Near Field Communication

Sorry Bluetooth fans, but when it comes to ease-of-connection, NFC headphones are unrivaled. For, you don’t need to pair them with your device for connection, as all that is needed is a single tap. And they sound pretty impressive, too.

  •  NFC connectivity
  •  Connects with two devices
  •  24 hours talk time

• Amplify background TV noise

User Critique

Some users have complained that these headphones amplify the TV noise provided you have it running in the background.

BlueParrott B450-XT – Best Bluetooth Headphones for

Image of blueparrot b450


Compare them with other headphones in this review, and you’d see that the BlueParrott are undoubtedly one of the most expensive. Do they deserve their inflated price tag? Let’s find out.


What do you think the biggest range a Bluetooth headphone can offer? Don’t trouble your mind, as the 300 feet range offered by the B450-XT is unheard of. Having such a range means you’d never run out of Bluetooth signals.

Equally impressive is the BlueParrott app which works alongside this model. Apart from reading out text messages, it also lets you customize the functionality of the BlueParrott button. You can also use it to mute, speed dial and launch apps on your smartphone.

Provided you travel in noisy areas, the two-inch boom of this model would make a huge difference. Located on its end is a noise-canceling mic which makes quick work of wind, loud traffic, and even train noise. That means your voice will come loud and clear.

In terms of sound quality, the B450-XT is tuned for both low-end sounds and vocals. Granted, while the high-end sounds do retreat, it can still snare the thumps of bass drums. In plain English, these headphones would keep you awake.

Special Feature: Talk Time

In an age where even smartphones require daily charging, the B450-XT puts others to shame by offering a 24 hours talk time.

  • Huge talk time
  • Intuitive BlueParrott app
  • Excellent noise cancellation

• Bulky

User Critique

Compare the dimensions of this model with some other units in this review, and you’d notice that it is a bit on the bulky side.

Mpow EM10

Mpow EM10 Bluetooth headset

Not looking for the traditional trucker headphones? Want something that is more minimalistic? Provided you can take care of it – as its small size makes it susceptible to getting lost quickly – the Mpow EM10 is worth a glance.


First things first, the Mpow EM10 – by offering two noise-canceling mics – offers several advantages. Located on opposite sides, both the mics reduce outside noise to a bare minimum, hence making sure the person on the other end of the call hears you loud and clear.

Furthermore, the combination of Bluetooth v4.2 and CSR chip has provided this model with two major benefits. While the former has increased the range of signals to 33 feet, the latter has decreased power consumption. Hence the reason why you get 16 hours of talk time.

What’s more, you can use the EM10 headphones with two devices at the same time. And guess what, one of these devices could also be a PC.

To ensure that these headphones provide a proper fit, Mpow has provided them with detachable ear hooks. Also included in the package are 3 optional ear tips (S/M/L) for a comfortable fit in either ear. You also get a headset carrying case, 45-day money back guarantee, and 18months warranty on this model.

Special Feature: Siri Activation

Having Siri activation means that the operation of this headphone is totally hands-free since it will rely on your voice commands.

  • Dual noise-canceling mics
  • Siri Activation
  • 15 hours music time

• 33 feet range

User Critique

The range of 33 feet is on the lower side.

Bluetooth Headset Wireless

Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Truck Drivers

Think you cannot take trucker headphones on a jog? You might need to think again for this headphone comes with a retractable hook.


To give you a secure and comfortable fit, the retractable hook – although highly useful – isn’t the only feature on offer. You also get a flip-boom arm which swivels and ear gels in 3 sizes to get a snug, secure fit.

Aware of the fact that you’d be using it on the road, the Bluetooth Headset comes with CVC6.0 Noise Reduction technology. Though it doesn’t block out external noises, the Noise reduction technology brings it down to the level of natural sound.

Voice alerts are one feature which you don’t expect from headphones, but one where this headset performs. Apart from letting you aware of the remaining battery level, its built-in voice tells you connection status, mute/unmute status and even the phone number of the incoming call.

What’s more, thanks to its Bluetooth technology, this headset pairs with both iOS and Android devices. You get an eye-brow raising 10 hours talk time and a 12-month warranty on this model, too.

Special Feature: Supports Siri and Google Voice Assistant

Why do iPhone users have all the fun? With this fact in mind, this headset supports not only Siri but also Google Voice Assistant.

  • Supports Siri and Google Voice Assistant
  • Helpful voice alert feature
  • Excellent Noise Reduction technology

• Small range

User Critique

As you might have guessed already, the minuscule size of this headset means its Bluetooth transmitter could only offer a range of 33 feet.

Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset

Image of bluetooth headset for truck drivers

Of all the headphones in this review, the Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset is one of the most inexpensive. Therefore, if you are on a budget, hurry up and get this model.


Having a padded headband is one feature which separates this model from other trucker headphones, most of which don’t provide padding above the head. And it doesn’t stop there, for you also get protein earmuffs to avoid sweaty ears.

Turning our attention to its design, and its adjustability is especially useful. Apart from the headband itself, even the mic is adjustable. What’s more, since the mic is omnidirectional with 4x Noise Cancellation – it would keep external sounds at bay to provide crystal clear sound.

In terms of talking time, the Truck Driver Headset belittles its meager price tag by punching above its weight. After just 2 hours of charging, this model provides 17 hours of talk time and 350 hours standby time. You also get a 33 feet working range with this model.

As far as warranty is concerned, this headset comes with a delightful 12 months warranty. Also, showing their confidence in this product, its manufacturers also offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Special Feature: Dual-device connection

So far in this review, all the multi-point connecting headphones did was connecting with your smartphone, or PC at best. This device goes one step extra, as it connects with PS4 devices as well.

  • Excellent talk time
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Dual-device connection
  • 12-months warranty

• Relatively heavy

User Critique

Some users have complained that this model is heavy, which means you’d have to adjust it often as it might slide down to one side due to its weight.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset

Bluetooth Headset hand free for truck drivers

Though not the best in the market by any means, this Bluetooth Handset is certainly affordable. That means it should allure a certain market.


Starting with a glance at its controls, and this model is surprisingly easy to operate. Even without an accompanying app, it easily goes into pairing mode, plays/skips tracks and answer/reject incoming calls. And the best thing is that you could do all of this right from the headset.

More importantly, as far as your comfort is concerned, both the boom as well as the mic are adjustable. You read it right; while the boom can rotate 180* to give you a comfortable angle, the mic could rotate 200 degrees to adjust to the best possible location.

As for its battery timing, this is one area where this model slightly disappoints. For, its 8 hours of talk time is one of the lowest of all models on this review. Though it tries to make up for this shortcoming by offering 220 hours of standby time.

What’s more, apart from using Bluetooth v4.0, this device can connect to two devices at one time. Its range is also impressive, as you could connect to your headphone at a distance of 33 feet.

Special Feature: aptX

Ask any audiophile, and they might testify that when it comes to sound quality, aptX is miles ahead of any Bluetooth standard. Not only that but by better compressing and decompressing music, it also makes a positive impact on battery timing.

  • aptX enabled
  • Adjustable mic and boom
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • 12-months warranty

• Below-average battery timing

User Critique

As stated earlier, this headset has a below-average battery timing.

Buyers Guide – What to look for in Bluetooth Headphones for Trucks

Ever wondered what is it that separates the best headphones from the riffraff? You guessed it: features, some of which we’re going to discuss here.

Types of Trucker Headphones

There are three major types of trucker headphones. Let’s have a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in detail.


If you want hassle-free communication, go for in-ear headphones. That is, because, they don’t have a wire connecting both the ear pads. That means that once you have fit them properly in your ears, they won’t come out.

What We Like In Them
  •      Offer ultimate convenience
  •      Ultra-portable
  •      Won’t fall out repeatedly
What We Don’t
•If not properly fit, they might result in ear pain.


Generally considered as the best option for truckers, over-ear headphones come in two types: a conventional style with a closed back to block out outside noise, and a less-traditional style where their open-back lets in external voices.

What We Like In Them
  •    Provide best passive noise isolation
  •    Make you aware of external noises
  •    Provide a supreme, secure fit
What We Don’t
•Might not be comfortable for extended wearing sessions.


Think over-ear models are too heavy for you? Then you should go for their on-ear counterparts. Instead of pressing the sides of your head, they press on the ears. Consequently, they don’t make your ears hot, even after extended listening sessions.

What We Like In Them
  •  Fold for easy storage
  •  Remain comfortable even after extended listening sessions
  •  Some also come with active noise-canceling technology
What We Don’t
•Might leak sound

Audio Quality

Image of audio quality

At the cost of sounding too technical, three features determine the level of audio quality of your headphones, the first among which is their frequency response. Greater the frequency response, the less distortion your headphones will tolerate. Consequently, the better-sounding your device will be.

Next comes the ability of how well (or worse) a headphone performs across different genres. The headphones selected in this review were all tested by playing The Knife’s Silent Shout, a track which boasts deep bass has high mids and subtle lows.  Only those headphones were selected which provided a uniform, above-average quality across all genres.

Finally, since you’ll be using these headphones for receiving calls, we also checked their built-in mics. Remember, there are two mics on offer in the market: omnidirectional and unidirectional.

You should only go for omnidirectional mics as they limit background noise by picking sound from only one direction. As a result, the person on the receiving end will hear you loud and clear.

Battery Life

Image of Battery Life

Most people, when they select a headphone, only check its battery life. You should NOT commit that mistake. Instead, in addition to checking the battery timing, you should also check how long the model takes to get fully charged. As you can’t afford to keep your headphones plugged-in all the time.

Therefore, talking about the best wireless headphones, they offer more than 6 hours of battery timing. In terms of charging, these headphones have a “quick-charge” feature. This feature lets you charge the model for only 10 minutes before giving 1 hour of playtime. Make sure your model has this feature if you frequently remember to charge your devices at the last minute.

Comfort and Durability

For those of you who have sensitive ears, nothing beats on-ear headphones for comfort. That is, because, in contrast to their over-ear counterparts, these headphones don’t press against your temple. Instead, they rest atop your ears, making sure you remain comfortable even after extended listening sessions.

As for durability, check the Ingress-Protection (IP) rating of your model. The term “IP” in this rating is followed by two numbers – the first of which tells protection against dirt whereas the 2nd showcases water protection. Provided your headphones’ IP rating is above 5, it is durable.

Bluetooth Range

Image of Bluetooth Icon

As experts tell us, Bluetooth devices can be divided into two categories when it comes to range. The first of those devices, which are the expensive ones, have a range of up to 100 meters. The second, meanwhile, could connect to devices as far as 30 meters.

So how could you tell what’s the range of your device? Check its Bluetooth Standard. That’s right, for while the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Standard has a range of up to 1,000 feet, Bluetooth 4.0 steps short at a meager 33 foot. Still, since you’d be using your device in your truck, the 33 ft range should be more than enough.

Noise Cancellation

Consult any audiophile, and you’d know that headphones – when it comes to noise cancellation – can be divided into two types. The first of those headphones, which are quite expensive, provide active noise cancellation.

On picking up outside noise, ANC headphones product the exact opposite sound, which cancels the outside noise. As a result, not a word of what is said outside would reach your ears.

However, since ANC headphones are quite expensive, you could make do with passive noise canceling headphones. They block out outside noise just by the sheer weight of the earcup, without any technology. Needless to say that this blocking mechanism makes them prone to occasional hiccups, as they can’t block out all the external noise.


Go through all the models listed above, and you’d see that one of them is common between most of them. That is, the majority comes with a 2-year warranty.


Provided you need our help selecting the best headphone for truckers, our vote goes to the BlueParrott B450-XT

Apart from boasting an above-average battery timing of 24 hours, this model has superior sound quality (thanks to its HD voice) and has a mammoth range of 300 feet. Therefore, if you can’t afford to make a mistake on the selection, get this headset.


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