Best Rock Lights – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2019

Rock lights are an ideal solution to help truckers navigate through tough terrains and conditions with low visibility.
With no street lights or fully-illuminated buildings to light up your trail in the deep woods, the only thing you can hope for is it is that your truck has a good lighting system.

This is where the best rock lights come into the picture

By lighting up the trail in front of you, they make sure you could easily spot any harmful debris and rocks. Consequently, you could rest assured of being safe from any accident while off-roading.

Best Rock Lights – Comparison Table

Amak 4 Pods

Amber LED Rock Light

Xprite Victory Series
Color Selections56Unlimited
LED Quantity388
IP RatingIP68IP67IP67
Voltage range9-32V9-30V9-32V
Lifespan (in hours)50,00050,00050,000
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Why Need Rock Lights?

Although being safe is the biggest reason why any truck driver would need rock lights, here are some more specific ones:

  1. While front-mounted rock lights help you see what lies ahead of you, rear-installed lights make steering the vehicle in reverse easy
  2. Bottom-mounted rock lights – apart from letting you see what lies ahead – help you get a better look under the hood in case it needs some maintenance after dark.
  3. They lighten up the areas which typically remain dim even when your car’s headlights are on full beam.
  4. Some people also prefer rock lights for the style and appeal that they add to the looks of their 4×4.

Amak 4 Pods – Best Rock Lights for the Money

Image of 4 Pods LED

The Amak 4 Pods LED Rock Lights to get our recommendation because they offer a multitude of useful features.

Delivered in three pieces, these LEDs have a protective polymer wrapping which protects them from dirt, water, and excessive heat damage. Also, since they emit a neon blue color, the Amak 4 Pods provide an extended range.

More importantly, these lights have an Ingress Protection rating of IP68 which enables them to withstand sandstorms and heavy rain without any damage. But what if they don’t? Well, in that case, you can activate the lifetime warranty that is available with this model.

Supplementing the performance of the polymer wrapping is the die-cast aluminum shell of this model. Not only is it shockproof and corrosion-resistant, but the shell also has openings for heat dissipation.

Furthermore, another useful feature of this model is that it ensures a universal fit. That is, because, these lights have an extended voltage range of 9V to 32V, which means you can use them in cars, trucks, golf carts and even boats.

  •        IP68 rating
  •         Provides universal fit
  •        Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof
  •        Come with a lifetime warranty
• It is not as strong as other competitor repellent sprays.
• Instructions aren’t clear

User Critique

Users have argued that the instructions which come with this model aren’t of much help.


Image of MICTUNING-2nd-Gen-RGB-LED-Rock-Lights-

What makes the 2nd-Gen RGB rock lights versatile is the fact that you can control all their 4 pods with Mictuning’s very own RGB Remote app.

You can use this app to not only change the intensity, but also the color and frequency of the original blue LED light. Also, while the original brightness offered by the Rock Lights is 500 Lumens, you can increase/decrease it right from the app.

It also has a Music Mode which does exactly what it claims, and since the app uses Bluetooth – it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Furthermore, these rock lights have an IP68 rated construction which makes them virtually waterproof. Add to the mix their die-cast aluminum housing – which is further strengthened by the toughed glass – and you’ve a shockproof coating in your hands.

What’s more, you don’t have to read pages of small text to install these lights. Instead, just install their app, scan the QR code on their user manual, and you’d come across a video installation guide.

  • IP68 rated
  • User-intuitive app
  • Huge 8-grade brightness
  • Easy to install
• Small voltage range

User Critique

Compare it with other models in this review, and you’d notice that the voltage range of this model – which ranges between 12V to 24V, is less than the competition. No problem, your truck battery would be enough to power rock lights.


Image of RGB LED Rock lights with phone

Starting with the best this model has to offer, and its 50,000 hours of lifespan comes into play. Also, in addition to offering 120 degrees of brightness, the 4 pods of this model, when shining at their brightest, emit a massive 500 Lumens of light.

Just like the previous RGB, the Sunpie comes with a smartphone app which is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It allows you to play music and switch between unlimited colors. At the same time, you could use the app to cause the light to blink and/or flash, while also changing its brightness.

Furthermore, the thick PC cover which encapsulates the pods is thick and sturdy. The die-cast aluminum body of this model, meanwhile, has an IP67 rating, making it waterproof.

Increasing the versatility is the 9 to 30 voltage range, which makes these LEDs suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. What’s more, since the kit has CE and DOT certifications, it is totally safe to use.

  •   IP67 rating
  • CE and DOT certifications make the kit safe to use
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
• Pricey

User Critique

Compare the price tag of this model with other lights in this review, and you’d see that it is anything but cheap.

Xprite Led Rock Light

Image of Xprite Led Rock Light for SUV

Approved by DOT, the 80W white Xprite is designed to fit Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ 1997-2018 models. Apart from the standard white color, the 8 pods of the Xprite are available in six other colors including red, yellow and green.

Since this model relies on CREE LED chipset to emit light, it can produce as much as 9600 lumens on full beam. Making this model withstand harsh weather conditions is its IP67 rating which makes it virtually dust, water and shockproof.

In case you’re wondering, an ultra-high brightness level doesn’t mean that the Xprite has a large-sized pod. Instead, with just 25 inches of thickness, the lighting pod is extremely easy to hide.

Lastly, while this model doesn’t provide a remote control – as it relies on a switch – it ensures easy installation with its 3M adhesive. And if you want to make it more secure, you can also fix the Xprite with screws.

  • IP67 rating
  • Easy to install
  • Small and compact size
• No remote control

User Critique

As stated earlier, this device has no remote control, hence forcing you to turn to a switch to operate it.

Amber LED Rock Light – Best Rock Light Overall

Image of Amber LED Rock Lights

In terms of performance and low price, no other rock light can rival the Amber LEDs. Have doubts about this claim? Turn your attention to the guaranteed 50,000 hours life-span of this model.

What’s more, apart from boasting an IP67 rating, each of the 6 pods have a weatherproof seal, which makes them corrosion-proof. Also, due to the combination of die-cast aluminum shell and light decay, the color of the pods won’t fade over time.

Another notable feature of these rock lights is their heat dissipation, which prevents them from overheating. Next comes their voltage range of 9 to 30V – which makes them useful for a wide range of vehicles.

Lastly, certifications from CE and DOT is another feather in the cap of these white LEDs. Coming from respectable institutions, these ratings suggest that these rock lights are totally safe to use. Add to the equation their light weight of 250 g, and these pods become a cinch to use.

  • DOT and CE certified
  • Brilliant heat dissipation
  • Fadeless color
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
• No remote control

User Critique

So what is it that we found wrong with this model? Not much, except the fact that it doesn’t provide a remote control in its package.

Xprite Victory Series – Best Expensive Rock Lights

Image of Xprite Victory Series RGB LED Rock Light

Want the best rock lights money can buy? Willing to pay over the odds for the same? If your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, only then go for these 8 pods.

In order to justify their otherwise astronomical price tag, these rock lights come with 3rd generation Bluetooth.

The app which comes with the Victory Series allows you to choose from unlimited color options, activate blinking or flashing and change the brightness of the pods. You can even use the app to time the LED lights or turn on/off music.

Moving on, while the control box – the part which connects the rock lights to your car’s battery – isn’t waterproof, the lights itself are IP67 rated. They also have a double polycarbonate lens construction which allows them to dissipate accumulated heat with ease.

As for the brightness generated by the LEDs, the manufacturer claims that it can reach up to 150 degrees and 680LM at full beam, enough to lighten up long ranges. The voltage range of 9 to 32V, meanwhile, makes sure that the lights fit most modern-day RVs. That means providing you buy these lights, you won’t have any compatibility issues.

  •   Sturdy and durable casing
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • The range of over 16 million colors
  • 3rd gen Bluetooth
• Some users have experienced problems with the app

User Critique

Go through the reviews of this model, and you’d notice that some users have highlighted problems about its malfunctioning app.

Xprite 8Pods RGB

Image of Xprite 8Pods RGB LED Rock Light

Compare this model with the Xprite Victory series, and you’d notice two particular differences. First, the default color of this model isn’t black but blue. Second, while the Victory Series relies on 3rd Gen Bluetooth, the 8Pods makes use of 5th generation Bluetooth, which means better performance.

One notable feature which the app of this model provides is the multi-scene mode. Apart from letting you create different scenes, this model also gives you the freedom to apply it to deck lights, chassis lights, and ambient lights as well.

In terms of performance, these lights have a 120-degree beam angle – which is what we recommend as it provides better lighting. Also, thanks to its 9 to the 30V range, these lights have no compatibility issues with any vehicle.

Furthermore, making sure the lights withstand abuse is their black die-cast aluminum housing and an operating temperature range of -22*F to 140*F. Supplemented by the toughed glass, these features give the Xprite an IP68 rating which, in turn, provides it with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

  •    Multi-scene mode
  • 5th Generation Bluetooth
  • Wide voltage range
  • Durable construction
• Relatively small cable length

User Critique

Users have highlighted that when they wanted to install the lights atop the rear wheels, the cable length fell short.

Types of Off-road lights:

Based on their light pattern, off-road lights can be classified into four types. Let’s take a brief look at each of them.

Rock LightsLight BarFlood LightsSpot Lights

The most commonly used type, they can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle and provide three-dimensional coverage. Also, provided you’re willing to pay a little more, you could also get rock lights which are a shock, water, and dust-resistant.

In contrast to rock lights – which typically have a universal design – light bars are vehicle-specific. Also, they are generally mounted on your bumper, roof or grill.

That is, because, the design of these lights is such that it makes sure they illuminate the area in front of your vehicle, though some light is also emitted off their edges.

Provided you want to lighten up the area in and around you, these big floodlights might deserve your attention. However, while they illuminate a wide area and provide a better peripheral vision, floodlights have a short range.

Put simply, that means that whether floodlights would illuminate the area right in front of you, they won’t cast light on objects further down the road.

The narrow-angle of illumination of spotlights – mostly less than 30 degrees – comes across as a double-edged sword. For, on one end, it allows the light to travel a long distance and provide illumination farther down the road.

On the flip side, these lights do not illuminate the area right in front of you – for they assume that your vehicle’s headlights would do this job. Therefore, if you’re driving at high speeds, they might not be useful.


Depending upon the lighting laws of your state, some off-road lights cannot be used on the road i.e. light bars. For, due to their sheer intensity, they can dazzle other drivers on the road. To avoid confusion, follow this rule of thumb: never turn on an off-road light on a normal road.

Best Rock Lights – Buyers Guide

Generally speaking, you need to consider the following aspects when inspecting a rock light.

Lighting Performance

In order to gauge the lighting performance of your rock lights, you need to check the following two features. Take a look.

Image of front of rock lights on truckBrightness

Design of a rock light is the most crucial factor in its brightness, which is followed by the quality of LEDs, their wattage and color. Remember, if you want long range illumination, go for spotlights. However, if you want to see the area around you better, flood lights deserve your attention.


Possession of two factors separates durable lights from not-so-durable ones.

First, the IP Rating. Short form of Ingress Protection Rating, it contains two digits after the term IP – with the first digit signaling protection against dust and the second digit telling protection against water. Lights with IP rating greater than 7 are ultra-durable.

Second, we have the operating hours of LEDs – which are mentioned on the package in which they are delivered. While average LEDs have last 30,000 operating hours, the best can go as far as 50,000 hours as well.


In addition to looking at the duration of the warranty that your model is offering, also look at the conditions in which it is applicable.

For, some rock lights – particularly cheap ones – declare their warranty null and void if you use them in rain. Therefore, it is imperative for us to read both the duration as well as the conditions in which that warranty claim will be accepted by the manufacturer.

Specific Rock Light Features

Image of beam of rock lights

Beam Angle of Focus

The angle of focus plays a crucial part in the area that a beam will illuminate. Provided your beam has a lower view angle and a closed focus, it will only point at the ground.

Conversely, if it has a view angle with distant focus, it will only lighten up distant objects. What you need, therefore, is a hybrid of the two; which means a 120-degree angle of focus.

Controlling mechanism

It goes without saying that the remote controls offer the most convenient way to control your lights. Not only does it allow to choose different colors, but some high-end lights also offer the option of syncing with your smartphone’s music.

That said, lights with remote control tend to be expensive as well. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend above a certain budget, you might want to settle on a single switch control mechanism.

Variety of Colors and Flashing

Starting with the latter, flashing is a must-have feature in your rock lights; for it allows you to scare away anything which has inadvertently come into your path without honking it off.

As for the variety of colors, the sky is the limit. Still, some of the colors which most drivers prefer include, apart from white, green, amber and red.

How to Install Rock Lights?

Apart from the drilling which you have to do to create space for mounting brackets, installing rock lights is a relatively straightforward process.

Before Installing Rock Lights

There are three things you need to have in your possession before the installation.

  1. First, make sure your car’s wiring is sufficient to handle the extra load. If it is insufficient, you’d need to purchase a set of 22-gauge wires which are compatible with your rock lights’ wiring.
  2. Second, you need a set of tools to properly install rock lights. These tools include a drill, a matching screwdriver, pliers, drill bits, a crescent wrench, and wire campers. Remember, you need all of these tools before the installation process.
  3. Finally, every set of rock lights come with a manual which, apart from other information, contains a how-to regarding each rock light installation. Make sure you have it in your possession.

How to Install Rock Lights?

Step # 1: Ensure Everything is working

Image of connecting wires

Check whether the rock lights and their controls are working. To do this, connect the wires of your rock lights to a nearby 12v power source. Afterward, turn on the switch and ensure that everything is working in order.

Step # 2: Choose a suitable place

Next comes choosing the place where you might want to install the lights. Remember, the place should be firm, stable and allows mounting brackets to easily hold. Suitable places include under the front or rear bumper and under the tires.

One thing more: NEVER drill into an important car accessory. Also, don’t install behind bars, as that would impede the flow of light.

Step # 3: Mounting the pods

Once you’ve selected a suitable place, start mounting the pods. Next, by attaching the wires to the strongest bars beneath your vehicle, connect them to the harness. You may want to bind the wires together to ensure they don’t remain loose.

Step # 4: Final Step

Take the wires of your rock lights, and connect their positive and negative terminals to the respective terminals of your car’s battery. Turn on the rock lights to see if everything is working as intended.

Wrapping up – Best Rock Lights

The best rock lights aren’t those with the most expensive price tag. Instead, they have a longer lifespan (up to 50,000 hours), are rated at or above IP6 and come with a durable construction without costing over the odds, either.

Now, take this criterion as the gold-standard and compare Amber LED Rock Lights – which is our editor’s choice. Not only does the Amber has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, but it also has an IP 67 rating with a fade-proof, die-cast aluminum shell. And the best thing about the Amber LED? It won’t cost you to rob a bank, either.

Therefore, if you came here looking for the best rock lights, the Amber LED Rock Light Kits with 6 pods is what you need.

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