Best Battery for Diesel Trucks 2019 – More Horse Power for the Buck

Looking for the best battery for your diesel trucks?… Well, you’re in the right place.

Endless cranking or dull clicks from the starter is a common problem for diesel trucks, especially during the cold winter season. The source of spark to cause ignition comes from the battery and without adequate power, your engine will refuse to come to life.

That’s why it makes sense to choose a heavy-duty battery for your diesel truck that is up to the task.

Best Diesel Truck Battery – Top Picks

If you are in the market for a diesel car battery, you will probably be spoilt for choices. There are so many manufacturers with as many models that sometimes it can get really confusing.

To cut short all your indecision, we have come up with unbiased reviews of the 7 best batteries for diesel trucks. Go through each of the detailed reviews to get greater insight into the key parameters. Carefully evaluate the pros and the cons to find out which one would serve you the best.

ACDelco 65AGMHRXS Power D3400 XS SeriesOdyssey PC680
Image of ACDelco 65AGMHR Professional AGM BatteryImage of XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output BatteryImage of Odyssey PC680 Battery
Warranty36 Months36 Months24 Months
Deep CyclesNANA400
Reserve Capacity150 Minutes135 Minutes24 Minutes
Check Price Check Price Check Price

ACDelco 65AGMHR – Great Reserve Capacity and Impressive Cold Cranking Rating

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - ACDelco

ACDelco is a reputed name in automotive circles and the newly launched battery products are doing no harm to their amazing reputation. Especially, the ACDelco 65AGMHR battery is garnering rave reviews among diesel truck owners.

If you are looking for a reliable battery that offers great performance even in extreme weather conditions, ACDelco 65AGMHR fits the bill perfectly.


With a CCA rating of 775 and 150 minutes reserve capacity, this AGM battery with deep cycling capability is second to none when it comes to powering diesel trucks. Besides offering stunning starter burst, it can also support aftermarket accessories to a satisfactory extent.

Dimensions and warranty

It weighs 45.8 pounds and has a dimension of 11.8 x 7.5 x 7.4 inches. This maintenance free battery comes with 36 months manufacturer replacement warranty against defects. Moreover, it is very competitively priced and boasts of high cycling capabilities.

  • Unmatched reserve capacity of up to 150 minutes.
  • Competitively priced.
  • 775 CCA rating translates to enhanced ability in freezing conditions.
  • At 46 pounds, it is on the heavier side.
  • May not fit into certain models due to the bulkier size.


XS Power D3400 XS Series – Power-Packed Performance Guaranteed

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - XS Power D3400

With 1000 CCA rating and 135 minutes of reserve capacity, the XS Power D3400 12V 3,300 Amp AGM battery with an M6 terminal bolt is capable of providing a power-packed performance.


It can effortlessly start your engine even in sub-zero temperatures and provide adequate support to run lots of accessories including AC system, aftermarket speakers, high-power lights, car charger and a host of other gadgets.

Life and warranty

This AMG battery is especially competent at cranking up diesel vehicles in sub-zero temperature. It is spill proof, sealed, valve regulated and vibration resistant. You can expect up to 2X longer shelf life compared to regular cycling batteries.

XS Power D3400 comes with 36 months replacement warranty. It can be mounted in almost any position, allowing you to rotate around to find the best possible fit.

  • High CCA rating and reserve capacity.
  • Great durability. Can easily last for more than a decade.
  • Perfectly suits vehicles with added electrical accessories.
  • A dimension of 12.5 x 9.5 x 10.5 inches may not suit some vehicles.
  • There is no attached handle, so carrying could be an issue.

Odyssey PC680 – Great Value for Money

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - Odyssey PC680 Battery

If you are looking for a small-sized portable battery, Odyssey PC680 can fit the bill well. It can go in easily at the space provided with most of the diesel vehicles.


The best part of this AGM battery is its 70% longer life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries. It can easily perform up to 400 discharge/recharge cycles.


24 months warranty may not be the best in the market, but the battery is known to last for much longer duration. It comes with 24 minutes reserve capacity and a low CCA rating of 171. If the winter days in your place can result in single digit temperatures, then it’s better to go for some other alternative with higher cold cranking amps.

Avoid stereo usage when the engine is off – it can drain the battery pretty quickly.

  • Extremely portable with a dimension of 7.8 x 7.8 x 3.7 inches and weighing just 15.4 pounds.
  • Up to 400 deep cycles.
  • Affordable price. Offer great value for money.
  • CCA rating of 171 is on the lower side.
  • Performance in cold weather condition is questionable.
  • Low reserve capacity of just 24 minutes.


DieHard Advanced Gold – Best Budget Battery

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - DieHard

DieHard 1B077741997 GP 34 Advanced Gold AGM battery is an affordable option for diesel engine vehicles. It is perfectly suitable for 4×4 adventures.


CCA rating of 775 means you can trust it to spark the ignition even in sub-zero temperatures. Moreover, it has an impressive 120 minutes reserve capacity. Last, but not the least, it comes with 36 months replacement warranty.

Weight and dimensions

Weighing around 45 pounds, it can be a little difficult to carry for a single person. Moreover, the larger dimension means that you would require more space to fit it in your battery chamber. Some users have complaints regarding the quick discharge of power when you run electrical gadgets with the engine turned off.

In a nutshell, DieHard Advanced Gold can be a good choice to get the job done, albeit with a little bit of hiccup here and there at times.

  • Excellent CCA rating and reserve capacity.
  • Price is on the lower side.
  • Performs great on trucks and SUVs.
  • Quite heavy at 45 pounds.
  • It drains fast if you have additional electrical systems loaded on your truck.

MMG YTZ10S – Lightweight and Cheap

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - YTZ10S Lithium Ion

This extremely lightweight battery feels even lighter on the pocket. Weighing just 2.1 pounds and measuring 6 x 3.5 x 3.7 inches, this Lithium-ion battery has no competition when it comes to portability.

Versatility and Warranty

On the flip-side, it offers 300 cold cranking amps, which can be a cause of concern in a colder climate. One year warranty period too is not something to get carried away. However, it is capable of sustaining up to 2000 discharge/recharge cycles – which is highly impressive. It will not provide support for additional electrical accessories but can do a decent job as a starter battery to spark the ignition.

To sum things up, if you are short on funds and looking for a battery just to crank the engine up, then it can be an obvious choice to go for MMG YTZ10S.

  • Low price and extremely lightweight.
  • Supports up to 2000 discharge/recharge cycles.
  • Incredibly fast recharge rate
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Not suitable for extreme cold weather.
  • Can’t support added electrical gadgets.
  • Just 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Optima YellowTop D35 – Ideal for Optimal Power

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - Optima Batteries

Optima is a reputed name when it comes to car batteries. The Optima YellowTop D35 is one of the most popular batteries available in the market for diesel vehicles. Going by pure statistics, it is the largest selling battery model for diesel trucks in the USA.


It supports 300+ deep discharge/recharge cycles and offers 98 minutes of reserve capacity. The CCA rating too is impressive measuring up to 620, which means, you will have enough power to ignite the starter motor even in coldest December days.


If you are running all those extra electronics gadgets that can suck down battery power, then Optima YellowTop is a battery that you can rely upon. It comes with 36 months warranty but can last really long for up to 10 years.

A quick look at the user reviews on Amazon can reveal why this battery has generated such a huge demand.

  • 300+ discharge/recharge cycles.
  • 98 minutes reserve capacity.
  • 15X vibration resistance translates to longer life-span.
  • Patented spiral cell design.
  • It’s quite expensive when compared to other models.
  • CCA rating could have been better for the price on offer.

Optima 8020-164 35 RedTop – A Budget Option with Impressive Features


Another masBest Battery for Diesel Truck - Optima Batteriessively popular choice from the stable of Optima is the Optima 8020-164 35 RedTop model.

Rating and Battery

This battery comes with an impressive 720 cold cranking amps rating – thanks to highly sophisticated spiral cell design. It offers up to 90 minutes of reserve capacity. It offers 15 times more resistance to vibrations, prolonging the battery life up to 3 times. Last, but not the least, you get 36 months of manufacturer warranty with every purchase of Optima RedTop battery.


One point that you need to keep in mind is that Optima 35 RedTop is basically a starter battery. While it can provide substantial ignition to power diesel engines, if you are looking to run additional electrical gadgets, then the YellowTop model can be a better alternative.

It also has a shorter life-span compared to its yellow-top counterpart.

  • High CCA rating of 720.
  • Can run for 90 minutes on reserve capacity.
  • Mountable in virtually any position.
  • Not adequate for powering extra gadgets.
  • Shorter life-span compared to the YellowTop models.

DieHard 38217 GP 49 – Awesome CCA and Unbeatable RC

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - Gold AGM Battery

DieHard 38217 GP 49 is another highly acclaimed product from the house of Die Hard batteries. It offers a best-in-class 170 minutes of reserve capacity.


The CCA rating is also impressive at 775. It is claimed to produce 20X vibration protection compared to regular batteries, resulting in a 2X shelf life.


It is developed using spill-proof AGM technology for better performance and enhanced safety. A patented electrolyte suspension system is implemented with the aim of protecting internal components.


At around 60 pounds, it is one of the heaviest diesel truck batteries, but that doesn’t mean the size is huge. With a dimension of 13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5, it can pretty well fit most of the diesel vehicles out there in the market.


  • Excellent CCA rating of 775.
  • Best-in-class reserve capacity of 170 minutes.
  • 20X vibration protection.
  • Patented electrolyte suspension system.
  • Quite heavier compared to other batteries.

Delphi BU9094R 94R – Perfect for Freezing Weather Conditions

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - Delphi AGM Battery

Although a new entrant in the diesel battery segment, Delphi has shown tremendous potential to give other top battery brands a run for their money. The Delphi BU9094R 94R can pack a powerful punch.


It has a Cold Cranking Amps of 800 which is impressive to ignite the spark in sub-zero temperature. The reserve capacity of 140 minutes is also admirable. Besides, it comes with advanced vibration resistance, optimized component compression, and superior corrosion protection.


The dimensions of 12.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches is apt to fit into most diesel truck models effortlessly.

  • Perfect for operating in cold weather conditions.
  • Can support additional electrical accessories.
  • Solid CCA rating and reserve capacity.
  • The discharge/recharge cycle can be time consuming.
  • Not as renowned a brand as the likes of Optima or Die Hard.

ACDelco 78AGM – Innovative Technology for Enhanced Performance

Best Battery for Diesel Truck - ACDelco Silver

ACDelco 78AGM is backed by years of research and cutting-edge technology. It not only has high cycling capabilities, but is also remarkably charge-receptive at the same time.


A CCA rating of 740 gives adequate starting power to operate in cold weather. It also has 115 minutes reserve capacity, which is quite impressive considering the size.


With dimensions of 10.1 x 6.8 x 7.2 inches, it can easily fit any diesel truck. Last but not the least, 42 months replacement warranty leaves the competitors to dust.

If you are looking for complete peace of mind, ACDElco 78AGM can serve the purpose well.

  • Decent CCA and reserve capacity.
  • High cycling capabilities.
  • 42 months extended replacement warranty.
  • May not be able to support too many after-market electrical gadgets.
  • The price is a little on the higher side.

Diesel Truck Battery Types:

  • Starting Battery

These type of batteries are specifically designed to provide cranking power of different magnitudes. If you are looking for a battery to spark the starter ignition, then starting battery can do the job adequately. They may not be able to support an added load in the form of aftermarket electrical fittings.

  • Cycling Battery

Cycling battery provides higher power compared to starting batteries. When your vehicle comes loaded with different electrical accessories, a cycling battery can be the better option for you. While you get moderate cranking power, the cycling power comes handy to run different aftermarket accessories such as stereo system, APUs and powerful lights.

  • AGM Battery

Absorbable Glass Mat (AGM) battery keeps the electrolyte solution confined to metal plates within the battery – which boosts both discharging and recharging efficiency. They make use of saturated absorbent glass mats between the metal plates instead of a gelled or liquid electrolyte. This type of batteries provides high cranking and extreme deep-cycle power.

Unmatched vibration protection, better Cold Cranking Amp and higher reserve capacity are the features that make it stand apart from the other types of car batteries.

  • Dual Purpose Battery

As the name suggests, dual-purpose batteries are the ones that can act as a starting battery, and provide deep cycle capability at the same time. These are mainly used in diesel trucks with extra amenities. Dual purpose battery ensures longer durability, has better starting power alongside the capability to support a wide range of electrical gadgets.

CCA Rating – Cranking Power

Best Battery Truck for Diesel - Truck Landscape

Predominantly, diesel trucks are used as utility vehicles with added accessories in the form of additional headlamps, navigation equipment, pumps, and other electrical tools that consume power. Moreover, diesel engine runs at a much higher compression rate – increasing the power required to spark up the ignition switch. As a result, the vehicle tends to drain the battery faster than conventional gasoline engine cars.

As you switch your ignition key and engage the ECM, glow plugs, FICM, fuel pump, and starter, it puts the battery under immense stress. That’s why your battery must be in a healthy condition for everything to go as expected.

To meet the additional power requirement, it’s important to opt for a battery with high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating. CCA is measured by the number of amps a battery can deliver when operated at 0° Fahrenheit over a period of 30 seconds.

Better CCA rating ensures that your battery is more adept at sparking the starter motor even in freezing weather conditions. If you experience further issues a diagnostic scanner would be the next choice.

What is the ideal CCA for My Vehicle Engine?

CCA requirement varies from vehicle to vehicle. The ideal CCA rating will also depend on climatic conditions, but as a rule of thumb, it is always better to go slightly over the recommended CCA mark.

To know the exact CCA rating recommendation for your diesel truck, check out your vehicle’s user manual.

Reserve Capacity (RC) – Designed For Extra Electronic Support

Reserve Capacity (RC) of a battery can be defined as the number of minutes a fully charged battery at 80° Fahrenheit can deliver 25 amps of current until the battery is discharged down to 10.5 volts.

While often ignored, the reserve capacity should be an important factor to consider before buying a car battery. The basic difference between CCA and RC is that in the case of the former, the battery’s capability is measured in relatively short-bursts, while the latter deals with the ability of a battery to perform over an extended period of time.

A vehicle’s charging system can fail sometimes, and in that scenario, it is up to the battery to meet all the electrical demands. Reserve capacity comes into play in such a situation to continue powering your vehicle’s electrical equipment until you get to a safe location to repair the faults.

Top Battery Brands:

Best Battery Truck for Diesel - Battery Jumper

Getting confused by the sheer number of battery brands available for diesel vehicles? Wondering which brand will give you the best performance and durability?

While there are a plethora of options to choose from, you should ideally opt for a top battery brand that has been in the market for a long time and has a solid reputation for manufacturing quality products.

Optima is one such brand with their own research and development wing. The expertise gained from years of manufacturing experience goes a long way for this brand to produce batteries that are known to give unmatched performance. Odyssey is another top battery brand which is in the market for decades. XS Power is a preferred partner for many racing vehicles, so it is highly likely that they would be able to extract the maximum performance. Die Hard is another premium US-based brand which has an experience of more than five decades under its belt.

All in all, when you go shopping for a diesel truck battery, it’s important to consider the brand value. Opting for renowned brands would invariably result in great user experience with optimal performance and prolonged life-span.

Buyers Guide – What to Look for in a Diesel Truck Battery

While you go shopping for a battery to power your diesel truck, it is important to keep a few crucial factors in mind.


Best Battery Truck for Diesel - Warranty

Warranty is an important consideration. You don’t want to invest again and again on your diesel truck battery, so it is important to opt for the one that can give your longer life-span. Higher warranty period means better shelf life. Do ensure to check the warranty terms and conditions carefully before making a buying decision. Choosing the correct engine oil could increase the longevity of your engine.

Support for Additional Accessories

If your vehicle comes loaded with additional accessories, then make sure that the battery can support all of them. Calculate the power required to run your stereo system, lighting equipment, car charger, and other gadgets. Then carefully evaluate the capacity of the suitable battery to find out whether it can support all your power requirements.

Deep Cycles

Deep discharge/recharge cycles determine the durability of batteries. The higher the number of deep cycles a battery permits, the better it is for the longer run. So do check out this feature to know how long your battery is expected to last.


Diesel Truck Engine - 4 Stroke Engine

Not all batteries can fit the space that your truck offers. So make sure that the chosen one can properly fit into the provided space without any explicit modifications.


Cold Cranking Amp is an important factor, especially if you are residing in extremely cold weather conditions. Higher CCA rating would ensure that your battery powers up even in sub-zero temperatures.

Better reserve capacity would allow you to run your vehicle for a longer duration on battery power in the event of alternator failures. Just to give you an idea, a CCA rating of 600+ and 60 minutes reserve capacity can be a good starting point for diesel trucks.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying a battery for your diesel truck, it’s always a safer bet to go for slightly higher CCA rating than recommended.

All things considered, the ACDelco 65AGMHR battery can be a great choice with 775 CCA rating and a whopping 150 minutes reserve capacity. It will give you all the power your diesel vehicle would need.

Of course, if you are on a tight budget and don’t require support for added accessories, then you can always go for cheaper options. But if your truck comes fully-loaded with a wide range of electrical gadgets, then it’s wise to choose a battery with high CCA rating, better reserve capacity, and enhanced deep cycling abilities.

We hope that this guide proves to be informative and helpful in your bid to find the best battery for your diesel truck. Have we missed out on including an obvious choice? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section to let us know.

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